Sunday, January 13, 2008

currently I'm wasting my time with the hopeless attempt to develop better code. For this reason I'm migrating right now to maven from ant, which is just a nightmare.

Maven itself is a pretty cool and fancy tool and my ant scripts where always written in a way that they simulate the behavior from maven. But since my projects get more and more complex, it's just no fun to keep adjusting antfile for N projects. So I switched last friday to maven... week later I'm still trying to figure out why the stuff does not work as it should and why it is so complicated. I'm actually ending up with setting up a complete continius build enviroment including:

- rocks cluster based on vmware
- maven mirror for artifacs
- continium, a continius build tool
- a postgres testdatabase
- a oracle testdatabase
- an apache
- a bugzilla

Which all takes forever since the cluster installation is so buggy that it's really no fun todo it.

Which also complicates things alot is that my car, mhm basically blew up. I have no idea yet what's wrong, but I'm looking forward to look in the greedy eyes of my mechanic when he tells me how much hes going to charge me, if he is fixing it...

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