Tuesday, October 23, 2007

it's getting colder and asparagus is one sale, so what does this mean?

Time to cook some tasty soups. After years and years of trying to find the perfect recipe, I came up with my own....

3 lbs asparagus - green because we are lazy and cheap
1 piece of butter
a handful of flower
3 mid sized potato's
2 cups of whipping cream
1 large white onion and I mean large
1/4 gallon of chicken stock
1/4 gallon of water

- chop and dice the veggies and keep the asparagus head
- cook all the veggies for 25 minutes in the chicken stock
- blend the now soft veggies till you get a disgusting green thick soup
- create a roux from the flower and the butter
- add the disgusting green thick soup to the roux
- add the water
- blend it all again
- add the whipping cream
- add the asparagus heads, cook it another 20 minutes and enjoy
- spice it up with nutmeg, salt and pepper

Now you got a tasty soup which a light poison green color.

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