Monday, October 29, 2007

During the game I also discovered a new problem with my camera, I don't got enough storage. So i had 3 x 1GB and 1 x 256MB card and was constantly switching cards and in breaks reviewing and deleting pictures from burst sequences. So maybe I need to get a 4GB or 8GB SD card someday so that I can store a little more than only 80 pictures on one card and don't have to worry about this issue all the time.

Btw these black marks you always see in football movies, they are actually doing this. To remove reflections from the sun or som lame excuse.

Another problem I discovered, I don't know which autofocus modus I should use to get the sharpest possible pictures. If I manually select the focuspoint, it get's pretty hard to track the player in the current point.

If I choose the automated focus selection, it happen's quite often that the camera focus on some total random objects instead of the player of my choice. Time to read Tom Hogans book again.

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