Tuesday, October 16, 2007

current project,

a friend got me two itanium 64bit boxes which where laying around and so I decided to install an application server on it.

3 weeks later we finally got the right serial cable/null modem adapter and got the beasts to boot from cdrom.


1. straight serial
2. connect to the parallel port
3. don't connect usb keyboard with usb->ps2 adapter, causes the box to crash
4. use parted instead of fdisk
5. jrockit java is different to sun java

ok how is jrockit different?

we use a framework based on hibernate (which is based on serialization and reflection of java objects)

And there are some java standards.

- a property is accesed using getters and setters
- if its a boolean property you use get* or is*

now the original develop of the webframework used

int getValue();
void setValue(int value);
boolean isValue();

which works fine on a sun java box, because hibernate checks first for:

int getValue()

and calls than

setValue(int ....)

on jrockit it works like:

boolean isValue() --> hibernate thinks now it's a boolean type and so decides to

setValue(boolean ....)

which causes all kind of nasty class cast exceptions.

so we fixed the method name to:

boolean isBooleanValue()

The second nice problem was that jboss didn't like the mysql backend and gave me all kind of nasty exceptions. The solution to this problem can be found here

once I got this all running, I have to admit that itaniums are nice and fast, but deserve to be extinct!

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