Friday, January 20, 2006

I think I'm way to stupid, I could spend the weekend in san diego, but no I have to work in Davis. I could stay longer at work, but no I had to leave. I could have gone straight home, but no I had to go too starbucks, I could have use the seatbelt, but no I thaught it's just 200 yards. I could have stop when the signal turned yellow, but no I had to go over it. I even could do this in the left lane, but no I was in the middle lane.result:redlight violation: 400$changing lanes in intersetion area: ?,not using seatbelt: 60$total >500 $ fine and a couple of points and a higher insurance rate.

if I just stayed home and in bed, I wouldn't feel so stupid at all. Could'nt I have wait this 5 minutes? Posted by Picasa

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